Our Services

At Richer Digital we don’t try to be all things to all people, instead we are highly focused in three key areas, and we do them well.

  • Protecting your website from ongoing and increased cyber security threats
  • Developing your website so it looks and performs better than your competitors
  • Optimising your website so that your prospects find you first on search engine results pages (SERPS)


Website Protection

WordPress websites are under constant cyber attack, there’s nothing we can do to stop that unfortunately but there’s an awful lot we can do to minimise and mitigate the risk to you and your business. We will ensure your website is securely configured and comprehensively kitted out with the very latest cyber protection software.

We will monitor your website 24/7 ensuring full backups and malware scanning take place, you will receive a monthly report detailing vital stats and information relating to actions taken.

Website Development

You will get a higher quantity of better quality leads from your website if it performs and looks better than your competitors. We build super quick websites that look amazing on all types of devices.

Website Optimisation

Your prospects are searching for information and solutions to their problems. Being found first in the search engine results pages (SERPS) is critical if you are to get that all important lead enquiry.